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Tacuba Impossible – Small Producer Regional

Our Tacuba Impossible is a project coffee of the Coffee School Project. We've united smaller farmers in the region & created a blend that impresses with low-medium acidity and a chocolaty, nutty cup profile.

With this coffee you directly support the small coffee farmers of the region.

coffee school tacuba impossible small producer regional

Cultivation area

- El Salvador | Tacuba Town, Ahuachapan
- Apaneca-Lamatepec Mountain Range
- Small farmers of the Tacuba region
- 700 - 1,000 m / 13.9 North latitude

Variety & Preparation

- Mixed Variety
- Traditional Washed Processing
- Subsequent drying on clay patios

Cup profile

- Chocolatey nutty cup profile
- Pecan nut - Little acidity, medium body

Our recommendation

Our Tacuba Impossible has low acidity and medium body due to its low growing altitude. The chocolaty, nutty cup profile is perfect for blending.

Green coffee facts

Tacuba Impossible – Small Producer Regional

Lot – Number: ES23-W001

Harvest: March 2023

Unit: 69 kg grain per bag

Storage location: Hamburg

Warehouse:Schwarze & Consort.

About the coffee farmers

Regional Blend – Tacuba Impossible

The region & smaller farmers of the Tacuba region

Tacuba is a low to mid elevation coffee town on the north side of Imposible National Park.

With our Buenos Aires Coffee School, we have created a special program for the coffee towns surrounding this park that we call Impossible Project, with a double meaning:

1. because of the park
2. because we set ourselves ambitious goals

The project has 3 sustainability goals:

a. Environment: The coffee farms surrounding the park can act as a buffer zone, enhancing the park’s natural environment by planting native shade trees and promoting sustainable farming practices.

b. Social: Support coffee production through seminars and free classes so that farmers can reduce their costs, improve their production and hopefully we can motivate them to continue growing coffee for the next generations.

c. Quality: Our short term goal is to pay more for well harvested coffee to create microlots from these areas. Our medium-term goal is to develop new varieties that are rust-resistant and very high-yielding, while at the same time having exotic profiles such as floral and fruity notes, so that we can offer high-quality microlots from low to medium altitude areas.


Rosangel Sandoval Barrientos – runs a small coffee farm in the Buenos Aires region & supplied coffee to the 2022 Brewers Cup Champion in Austria, Martin Wölfl.

The purchase of green coffee supports the Coffee School Project in the Buenos Aires region of El Salvador!

We support the Buenos Aires region & its coffee farmers to achieve a better standard of living by growing coffee.