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Our motivation

We want to sustainably develop social added value in countries of origin & produce excellent coffee in an ecological, organic way! For this, the relationship with our coffee farmers is particularly important to us!


What drives us - our motivation

Coffee is more than just a hot drink for us! With the organic cultivation of coffee, we want to ensure that real added value is created in countries of origin of coffee cultivation!

Numerous smaller coffee farmers use chemical substances as crop protection & fertilizers – because they are under pressure to feed their families by selling the coffee cherries.

The consequences & causes:

  • Nutrient losses in the soil due to too much fertilizer & creation of dependency.
  • Coffee cherries lose their sweetness & thus also the intensity of the taste
  • Destruction of microorganisms & natural living organisms through the creation of monocultures by chemical substances.

We want to take this pressure off the coffee farmers and put the focus back on the sustainable cultivation of coffee & the excellent quality of the coffee cherries!


For the love of people, nature & coffee!

We want to take this pressure off the coffee farmers and put the focus back on sustainable coffee cultivation & the excellent quality of the coffee cherries!

Supporting coffee farms to switch & grow coffee in a sustainable way!

Assist in the distribution, processing & shipping of green coffee!

Building & expanding a coffee community – far beyond the borders of El Salvador by creating transparent connections between coffee farmers & coffee roasters.

Researches & exchanges with institutes & partners on modern cultivation, organic fertilization & processing methods of coffee!

Creation of an optimized circular economy, where man & nature are in harmony!

The true value
Of the coffee

Not only does the Buenos Aires region of El Salvador offers incredibly good quality coffee, but many other parts of the world are developing excellent green coffees too. Unfortunately, smaller coffee farmers in particular rarely benefit from this, as they receive only a fraction of the added value from the sale of the coffee cherries, but bear the greatest risk.

Consistent harvests with constant or increasing quality in climatically variable & difficult conditions due to climate change. 

We see our role as supporting smaller coffee farms in particular & bringing the added value directly back to these coffee farmers.

In addition, we support cultivation & processing, show coffee farmers sustainable farming & help grow coffee free of chemicals.

Why? For People, Nature & Coffee!

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