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Our actions go far beyond the classic trade of green coffee!

We want to create a platform that does more than just classic green coffee trading. The Coffee School Project provides a focal point for coffee farmers, coffee roasters & anyone involved in the coffee business.

We want to create a transparent & sustainable connection between coffee farmer & coffee roaster, so you can understand where your green coffee actually comes from. In addition, we want to create a community where knowledge exchange, high quality & mutual support prevail.

Our trading principles


We create transparency along the entire value chain - from the coffee cherry to the coffee roaster!


A fair price for coffee farmers & coffee roasters is especially close to our hearts - without the exchange price as a guideline!


Organic Farming has a very special role for us, so we teach it to coffee farmers & roasters!


We support our coffee farmers & trade the coffee directly from their farm to your roastery!

We show you what really makes good coffee!

Get to know your farmers & their working methods, support social projects in countries of origin & trade coffee sustainably with us.

We make sure you get to know your coffee farmers, understand their issues & know how we support them!

We will show you sustainable farming so you can understand how coffee can be grown sustainably and organically.

Together with you we support social projects in the countries of origin of the coffee – transparent, traceable & sustainable!

We deliver green coffee from very special plantations & with unique origin and history!

Unique green coffees & very special microlots drive you? Not only do we offer you these green coffees, but we also work with our coffee farmers to develop new fermentation techniques to create exciting new cup profiles!

Get to know us & learn more about us, our trading principles, ways of working, ideas, projects & much more first hand!


Highest coffee quality with sustainable & social benefits – Learn more about our motivation!


We do not work for, but together with coffee farmers & roasters – Get to know our team!


A transparent connection of coffee farmer & coffee roaster – Learn more about the idea & the concept!

Why we started the Coffee School Project?

Because not only a high coffee quality is of great importance to us, but above all the way of coffee cultivation - in social & ecological terms!

With coffee we associate above all the people who are active every day on the coffee farms and ensure that the coffee cherries develop their full aroma & are harvested at the right time. Unfortunately, however, coffee farmers in many parts of the world get only a fraction of what is ultimately earned from each cup – but bear most of the labor & also the risk of crop failure.

We want to make a sustainable contribution here to ensuring that coffee farmers are paid significantly better for their hard work. We help farmers sell their coffee around the world and provide training and support to help them produce their coffee more profitably. These include shade management, the cultivation of different varieties and also sustainable farming, which we want to teach coffee farmers.

We also want to work to bring more transparency to the trade in green coffee. Our goal is to create a platform where space for common exchange in all areas of coffee is created. We promote the exchange between coffee roasters about roasting profiles & working methods, the exchange of coffee farmers about cultivation techniques, different techniques of preparation & fermentations, but also the exchange between coffee farmers & coffee roasters, as well as our coffee projects.

The Coffee School Project thus offers much more than simply green coffee of the best quality. You can learn more about this in our projects, our green coffees and our coffee knowledge section. If you use the If you have the same goals and are familiar with our way of working, please contact us and we will introduce you to our Coffee School Project in all its diversity!

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