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Coffee School Project

Our idea

The Coffee School Project is creating a coffee community in the Buenos Aires region of El Salvador that goes far beyond cultivation and trade. We support coffee farmers, create added value in the country of origin and use organic coffee cultivation as an opportunity to achieve better coffee taste and do sustainable good for our planet!

More than just coffee - We think of people & nature!

Our earth and the people who live on it are unique & precious - that's why we stand up for them!

We support growing regions directly & sustainably. With the cultivation & trade of green coffee, we want to create real added value for coffee farms & improve their standard of living!

Excellent quality with sustainable & fair background – Discover our green coffee portfolio!

For people & nature - the idea of the Coffee School Project!

Our idea is to see & use the sustainable cultivation of coffee as an opportunity! Organic coffee cultivation is the basis of our idea – for this reason we not only support coffee farms that already practice sustainable coffee cultivation, but also help small farmers to grow coffee ecologically again. We support the coffee farmers in this arduous transition with advice & action.

Furthermore, we want to use part of the proceeds to directly support small farmers in the countries of origin. We train them in modern coffee growing techniques, teach them how to conserve resources & provide direct support with targeted assistance. Whether it’s advanced water filters, solar panels or food, we help people where they need it most. 

Furthermore, we support the coffee farmers in the preparation of errant coffee cherries & in the sale of their green coffees. Here we ensure fair payment and that the cultivation of the coffee provides real added value for the coffee farmers. 

More than just coffee - We think of people & nature!

With our Coffee School Project, we thus want to create a coffee community that goes far beyond coffee. We want to build a transparent connection between coffee farmer & coffee roaster that is sustainable & offers added value for all parties involved! 

For coffee roasters, this should create a real link, a traceability not only of the green coffee, but also of the regional problems of the small coffee farmers. This creates a direct connection with real added value!

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