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An indigenous people - the Arhuaco from Colombia!

The Arhuaco are indigenous people living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They look at the world from the mountains of the region, because their task is to preserve and care for the earth in terms of nature & people. The Arhuaco’s use the cultivation & trade of coffee as a means of communication & message to people to refocus on nature & a natural life.

In no way do they want to stand in the way of or prevent the progress of the times; rather, it is a matter of remembering one’s original roots and living in harmony with nature despite progress – and not sacrificing nature for the sake of progress.

They carry this philosophy into the world with their coffee, which is grown completely natural & wild – free of any chemical substances & exclusively with organic fertilizers & natural pesticides.

A life in harmony with nature – because only those who treat the earth well will get good things back from it.

The coffee of the Arhuaco - Colombia

Green coffee with a very special origin, history & meaning!

The message of the Arhuaco

The coffee trade as an opportunity to bring people back to nature!

The coffee of Arhuaco has many certificates, because the work of the many small farmers who plant their coffee wild & natural, is just like the soil of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta itself – free of chemicals & completely natural. But it’s much less about certification, and much more about achieving a wide reach & getting the Arhuaco’s message out to people through coffee. It is about raising the awareness of humanity & explaining to them, that living in harmony with nature is necessary in order not to destroy the world.

The land of the Arhuaco - the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The Arhuaco habitat extends over numerous mountain formations & areas in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – a protected & delineated area. There are numerous small farmers who grow their coffee plants naturally & sell them to Anei. The Anei is an organization founded by Aurora Maria Izqierdo, which organizes & operates the Arhuaco coffee trade. The revenues generated go directly to the farmers, and part of it is used to create schools & help people grow their crops & raise animals.

The coffee farmers of the Arhuaco

Farming has always been a big part of the Arhuaco’s life, as the farmers are completely self-sufficient in providing for themselves, their family & the community. The cultivation of the coffee plants and the distribution of the coffee through the anei creates additional income, which is used to expand the communities & the families. Furthermore, the first schools have already been established, which ensure the education of the next generation. The growing conditions of the coffee farmers are difficult, as the infrastructure consists of natural paths and the high humidity makes processing difficult.

This is how we want to help!

Further development & expansion of the school and sharing of knowledge

Alba Combe Suarez – She runs a farm growing vegetables, fruits & coffee. She prepares the cherries herself & then gives the dried coffee beans to the anei

Bunchanawi Izquierdo Suarez – Q-Grader & responsible for the quality management. Likewise, he creates Regional Blends & analyzes the harvests of the farmers of the different regions.

The work of the Anei

It is not easy to set up such a large distributed organization that supports numerous small farmers & distributes their coffee worldwide. But Aurora Maria Izquierdo has achieved just that.

The trade of coffee as an opportunity

She saw the coffee trade as an opportunity for Arhuaco not only to generate financial resources, but also precisely to bring the message of natural living back into people’s minds.

The Anei would like to use the financial means to support the individual communities in the regions, to build schools & to improve the living standards of the people.

Furthermore, numerous researches are carried out in the field of organic coffee cultivation, the use of natural substances as fertilizers & pesticides and the development of fermented coffee specialties.

The quality of the coffee

The quality of green coffee is increasing year by year and has already reached a very good & high level. We would like to support Arhuaco in offering fermented Specialty Coffees as well, in order to achieve independence from the stock exchange price through excellent quality!

Aurora Maria Izquierdo – Founder of the Anei – She founded an organization that organizes the Arhuaco coffee trade & is involved in numerous social & sustainable projects!

Juan Sebastian Paez Izqierdo – Ambassador of Coffee & Representative of Arhuaco in the World. He, along with his brother Roche & mother Aurora Maria Izquierdo, attend coffee fairs to present Arhuaco coffee to the people.

The School of the Manchaupa Region – We want to contribute to the children of the community around Manchaupa receiving a good foundation of education. The lessons do not only consist of general topics, but also include the cultural & traditional customs.

Supporting the school – Of utmost importance here is the daily nutrition & the teachers, which we want to support with the sale of the coffee.

Coffee with message & common philosophy!

“We nourish our mother earth to harvest happiness!” – is the message of the Arhuaco! We share the same philosophy & act according to the same principles of sustainability and social philosophy.

Growing coffee cherries in a purely organic way ensures a much better cup profile of the coffee, leaves a fertile soil & a well-functioning natural circular economy!

Trainings & Seminars

We want to impart knowledge to create sustainable & long-term oriented added value for coffee farmers & coffee roasters!

Organic Farming

We use organic coffee farming to work in harmony with people & nature to achieve better coffee quality!

Exchange & transparency

We create real relationships between coffee farmers & coffee roasters - Our coffee farm serves as a meeting place!

Chemistry vs Organic

That is why organic coffee cultivation is particularly close to our hearts!

Chemical coffee cultivation

The condition of the soil under the use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides! Almost all other plants, living creatures & organic matter are driven out or destroyed - a kind of monoculture is created, which damages the soil in the long term.

Organic Farming

Organic coffee cultivation in the form of a circular economy with organic fertilizers & pesticides! Numerous microorganisms, plants & animals settle around the coffee plants, which provide for nutrient-rich soils & a well-functioning circular economy.

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