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Our projects

Discover our projects - Coffee School Project - For People & Nature

Our projects - A sustainable added value for People & Nature

We want to create a better standard of living for coffee farmers & their families – Our goal is to return value to the origin of coffee countries.

At the same time, we teach coffee farmers and roasters the importance & implementation of sustainable coffee farming – because sustainable coffee farming is close to our hearts!

We stand for projects with sustainable character & long term!

With our coffee projects we want to create sustainable & long-term added value for coffee farmers, coffee roasters & nature. For this reason, it is particularly important to support coffee farmers in the transition to sustainable farming on the one hand, and on the other hand to explain to them why! By buying a project coffee from us, you are directly supporting the coffee farmers & we want you to see this development as well. For this reason, we promote a transparent & genuine relationship between coffee farmer & coffee roaster!

In our project coffees, we always look at a holistic view of people & nature. A good circular economy, the use of organic substances as fertilizers & crop protection products, but also the fair payment of coffee farmers, a higher standard of living & also the education of the youth is within our projects and ideas. The Coffee School Project stands for openness and community spirit. We share our knowledge & exchange ideas with other coffee farmers about the different ways of growing coffee organically, share our knowledge on fermentations & much more! Feel free to contact us if you need more information!

El Salvador

Buenos Aires

At our farm in El Salvador – Buenos Aires, we train coffee farmers, teach them sustainable farming, help them transition to sustainable coffee farming, process their coffee cherries & sell on international markets. Furthermore, we support the coffee farmers & their families with direct aid & financial resources.



The Arhuaco’s are an indigenous Colombian people who have made it their mission to protect nature & live in harmony with it. We not only share these thoughts, but also exchange our knowledge about organic coffee farming. We also support the Arhuaco’s elementary school & share our knowledge of coffee fermentation with them!

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