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Colombia Arhuaco – Tanu Zamanu Pueblo Bello

The Arhuaco use green coffee to remind people of the sustainable & natural way.

The Tanu Zamanu Pueblo Bello is a volume lot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region. An interesting cup profile & a green coffee, from a very special region!


Cultivation area

- Colombia | Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
- Smaller farmers of the Arhuaco habitat

Variety & Preparation

- Mixed Variety
- Traditional Washed Processing

Cup profile

- Chocolate sweet cup profile with notes of tangerine
- Balanced cup profile

Our recommendation

The Ataco Impossible with its light fruity notes, medium acidity & cocoa nibs is perfect as a blend.

Green coffee facts

Colombia Arhuaco – Tanu Zamanu Pueblo Bello

Lot – Number: CO23-W002

Harvest: February 2023

Unit: 70 kg grainpro bag

Storage location: Hamburg

Warehouse:Schwarze & Consort.

About the coffee farmers

Regional Blend – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The coffee farmers of the Arhuaco


Coffee is much more than just a plant for the indigenous Arhuaco people. The Arhuaco use green coffee as a means of communication to show people around the world how to live in harmony with nature and return them to the natural way of life.

Thereby the farmers are distributed in the whole Arhuaco habitat & the green coffee consists mostly of blends of different small farms of the different regions & peoples.

Through the continuous training courses of Anei (the coffee trading company of Arhuaco), the quality of the green coffee could be increased every year. We visited the Arhuaco, learned about their philosophy & enjoy working with them to spread the message of sustainability throughout the world


Arhuaco Colombia - Tanu Zamanu

Our Arhuaco green coffee comes to you with a very special imprint - we have created a symbol based on the symbolism of the Arhuaco, which reflects the meaning of the coffee.

Tanu Zamanu stands for the serenity of living in harmony with nature. Our symbol consists of the symbols of the Arhuaco (Kaku Serankwa & Kankurua) - the creator of the earth & all life as well as the infinite Cosmos, which is located around it.