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FES 14 – Experimental Process

Our FES 14 consists of a very homogeneous bean profile - all coffee beans are extensively sorted so that only beans of screening size 14 remain. This results in a very homogeneous & uniform cup profile.

Cultivation area

- El Salvador | Cerro El Aguila, Santa Ana
- Finca El Salvador
- 1500 -1670m / 13.5 North Latitude

Variety & Preparation

- Reb Bourbon
- There is an experimental preparation
- Subsequent natural sun drying on raised beds

Cup profile

- Cute cup profile
- Notes of almonds & milk chocolate

Our recommendation

The fermented notes make an excellent Specialty Coffee or Specialty Espresso.

Green coffee facts

FES 14 – Experimental Process

Lot – Number: ES22-N035

Harvest: November 2022

Unit: 69 kg grain per bag

Storage location: Hamburg

Bearing: Vollers

About the coffee farmer

Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle

Finca El Salvador

Four generations of the Ruffatti family have operated this farm in western El Salvador since the early 1930s. Today it is managed by Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle. His great-grandfather Rodolfo Ruffatti, after whose name Rodolfo is also named, came from Turin to El Salvador at that time & founded the coffee farm. The Finca El Salvador is currently being restructured by Rodolfo & planted with new varieties. The lower part of Finca El Salvador focuses on rust-resistant, high-yielding and high-quality varieties such as Tabi and Portillo, while the upper part of the farm is planted with exotic varieties, mainly from Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Rosangel Sandoval Barrientos – runs a small coffee farm in the Buenos Aires region & supplied coffee to the 2022 Brewers Cup Champion in Austria, Martin Wölfl.

The purchase of green coffee supports the Coffee School Project in the Buenos Aires region of El Salvador!

We support the Buenos Aires region & its coffee farmers to achieve a better standard of living by growing coffee.