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Colombia Arhuaco Microlot – Pablo Rodriguez

The Arhuaco use green coffee to remind people of the sustainable & natural way.

The microlots are of particular importance because they are the first to be developed using the novel pineapple fermentation process from Arhuaco's new biofertilizer factory. Unique & Special!

Colombia Arhuaco Microlot Pablo Rodriguez

Cultivation area

- Colombia | Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
- Smaller farmers of the Arhuaco habitat

Variety & Preparation

- Mixed Variety
- Experimental preparation with pineapple fermentation

Cup profile

- Berry cup profile
- Notes of hazelnut
- Citric in the aftertaste

Our recommendation

A truly special coffee, not only by its origin, but especially by the way it is fermented. Works great as a specialty coffee filter.

Green coffee facts

Colombia Arhuaco Microlot – Pablo Rodriguez

Lot – Number: CO22-W002

Harvest: November 2022

Unit: 70 kg grainpro bag

Storage location: Hamburg

Warehouse:Schwarze & Consort.

About the coffee farmers

The Arhuaco Microlots

Arhuaco-Coffee-School-Green-Specialty-Coffee-Pablo Rodriguez

The Arhuaco are a unique community living in an indigenous reserve in the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. Its snow-covered peaks reach an altitude of 5,557 meters. When the Spanish conquistadors came, the Arhuaco survived undefeated by retreating to their mountains. They still speak their language and teach their ancient knowledge. The Arhuaco live in harmony with nature and pass on their knowledge & teachings about this way of life – using coffee as a means of communication.

Unfortunately, most of their coffee is sold as parchment to a chain of middlemen and ends up as conventional bulk coffee. However, since they are great people who live in beautiful mountains with coffee plants of the Typica variety growing at 2,000 meters above sea level, we thought it would be great to work with them and grow some micro quantities, bring them to specialty coffee and help them develop their coffee to a higher quality to create price stability & independence from large traders. Also, with their coffee, we hope to send a message about their way of life that is sustainable and does not harm nature.

We started visiting them, staying with them and learning about their way of life. The idea was to develop the coffee step by step. First, we worked on picking riper cherries, and we did a simple honey process to see if we could develop sweet aromas and flavors in the coffee bean with the coffee.

Now, years later, we have visited the Arhuaco four times and we have seen great progress. The Arhuaco have established their own bio-fertilizer factory to provide organic nutrients to their farms. There is a young agronomist working in this organic factory who is now even more involved with fermentation: she takes microorganisms from the soil, filters them through pineapples so that only those that like sweet, acidic environments thrive, and these microorganisms are then used to ferment with coffee.

The challenge was then to repeat this on the farm, and these are the results: We present you the first coffees fermented with pineapple microorganisms that the Arhuaco have ever produced. Three different farms, three different attempts to ferment coffee with pineapple microorganisms, all using the Washed Process.

All 3 have different flavors & cup profiles -fruity, berry, citric & much more! We support the innovative fermentation process of Arhuaco & it is our great honor to present these microlots of Arhuaco from Colombia.


Arhuaco Colombia - Tanu Zamanu

Our Arhuaco green coffee comes to you with a very special imprint - we have created a symbol based on the symbolism of the Arhuaco, which reflects the meaning of the coffee.

Tanu Zamanu stands for the serenity of living in harmony with nature. Our symbol consists of the symbols of the Arhuaco (Kaku Serankwa & Kankurua) - the creator of the earth & all life as well as the infinite Cosmos, which is located around it.